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Swing your way to fitness with Mudgal training like Ankita Konwar

Ankita Konwar is a true fitness enthusiast, just like her husband, Milind Soman. The duo is not only diligent but quite experimentative when it comes to workouts.

As such, ramping up her fitness game, the yoga instructor shared her workout session video on Instagram, but with a traditional Indian twist.

In the video, Ankita was seen doing some arm training with a mudgar or mudgal, a type of gada or heavy mace, as she wrote, “Swinging this Mudgal has been fun, 7kgs.”

The fitness enthusiast wore a bright peach-coloured sports bra over a tie-dye exercise shorts as she swung the Indian club, taking it behind her head and bringing it back in front of her chest. She then repeated the exercise in the anticlockwise direction. “Something to play around with,” the caption read.

What is Mudgal?

Mudgal, also known as Indian club, is a training method that requires practitioners to swing weighted clubs. Mostly used by wrestlers or pehelwans, this form of workout has multifarious benefits.


*Increases strength and flexibility.

*Increases forearm strength

*Builds core strength

*Enhances cardiovascular fitness

*Prevents injuries as it warms up the body and helps in recovery

*Improves coordination

Ankita was photographed by her husband Milind Soman while demonstrating Matsyasana, also known as Fish Pose in yoga, in one of her recent posts.

“To have faith in the universe also means trusting yourself completely. Most struggles in relationships are caused by a lack of self-understanding. Once we learn how to understand and trust ourselves, trust our instincts, everything becomes easier. Note: Each day at a time,” she wrote in the caption.

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