Street Fighter 5’s Oro always carries his pet turtle with him

Capcom is restoring more timeless world warriors for Street Fighter 5, consisting of the impending release of Street Fighter Alpha’s Rose on April 19. However the next fighter concerning Capcom’s flagship combating video game is Oro, who debuted in Street Fighter 3 and will sign up with the SF5 lineup this summer season. He’ll look familiar to fans of the series, but one thing that differentiates Oro this time around is that he’s always carrying his pet turtle.

In the Street Fighter 3 games, Oro fought with one hand tied behind his back. Capcom explained that the old hermit intentionally restrained himself in street fights because he was so powerful. Despite being more than 130 years old, Oro “wields an unmeasurable amount of strength, [and] his movements are both powerful and unique,” Street Fighter 5 game director Takayuki Nakayama said during a video update on Tuesday.

Rather than binding his arm in place, Oro has chosen a new way to occupy his off-hand: He carries his pet turtle with him at all times — occasionally letting this wrinkly pal sit on his head. It’s an adorable solution that you can see in the video above.

That video also shows off Rose in action, focusing on her use of tarot cards (one of her V-Skill talents) to enhance her abilities in battle and the return of her Soul Satellite skill from Street Fighter 4.

Nakayama and Street Fighter 5 producer Shuhei Matsumoto also teased the next next character coming to the game: Akira Kazama, from Capcom’s Rival Schools series. You can see her in action in the video below.

Rose, Oro, and Akira are all coming in Street Fighter 5’s Season 5 content rollout, which also includes new mimic fighter Eleven and an unannounced fifth character. Dan Hibiki is also part of Season 5, and was released in February.

Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition, the latest version of the four-year-old combating video game, is available now for PlayStation 4 and Windows PC. It consists of the 40 characters launched prior to Season 5.

Jobber Wiki author Frank Long contributed to this report.