Story of Seasons: Pioneers of Olive Town guides

Story of Seasons: Leaders of Olive Town is the most recent installation in the farming franchise, and Polygon’s guides will assist you get used to your time in Olive Town rapidly. There’s a lot to do in Olive Town, however we’ll assist you be the very best farmer you can be.

Updating your farm

As you create relationships and harvest crops, you’ll wish to broaden your farm. We’ll assist you with our guide noting out what you’ll require for each farm growth, in addition to what that growth opens. We likewise have a guide to assist you make sprinklers and water pumps, permitting you to automate your farming procedure and discover treasure.

Where to discover resources

For those seeking to rapidly update their tools and location makers around their farm, we have guides on where to discover important resources like iron ore and raw white opal.

Being the very best you can be

After you calm down and figure things out, you’ll wish to take a look at our guide on the most rewarding crops, so you can truly begin generating the moolah. We likewise have a guide on how to alter your hair and clothing, so you can enter into that personalization jam. For those seeking to travel deep into the mines, we have a guide on how to increase your endurance, too.

Jobber Wiki author Frank Long contributed to this report.