Still Standing With Steven Baca, by Michelle Malkin

Prior to Kyle Rittenhouse ended up being a family name, there was Steven Baca. You most likely never ever understood or perhaps have actually forgotten who Steven is. I’d like to devote my last column of 2021 advising you of his predicament and asking you to assist me support his defense of the right to self-defense. Steven’s case matters due to the fact that the woke, George Soros-funded district lawyer leading the witch-hunt prosecution versus Steven might quickly be Brand-new Mexico’s next chief law officer if great individuals not do anything.

Flashback to June 15, 2020: Throughout America, chaos and mob anarchy ruled. It had actually been 3 weeks given that the police-involved death of Minneapolis profession crook and addict George Floyd. Black Lives Matter terrorists weaponized turmoil across the country to loot, pillage and burn down services little and big. Antifa militants made use of every chance to target valuable signs of our nationwide heritage and history, vandalize federal court structures and churches, and hazard all who stood in their method.

On June 15, 2020, as I reported on social networks simply hours after the violent occasions unfolded, Steven and a number of other pals and next-door neighbors collected quietly at Tiguex Park in Albuquerque, New Mexico, to safeguard a statue of Spanish conquistador Juan de Onate. Esther Rivera, a 14th-generation Albuquerque grandma, appeared to safeguard the memorial and informed me that night: “I was there to pray for peace and the preservation of these statues and preservation of historical art.”

The Onate monolith had long been a trigger for regional agitators determined as Black Lives Matter protesters. Onate, obviously, had zilch to do with St. George Floyd or any supposed victim of “institutional racism” in America. However his tradition belongs to the material woven by the inhabitants, leaders, colonizers and creators who made America America. And there’s absolutely nothing that the social justice crowd dislikes more than anything or anyone that represents our historical American country.

Livestream video broadcast throughout the melee at Tiguex Park revealed protesters wielding pickaxes and other items. They strapped chains to the Onate statue while a number of belligerent ladies verbally attacked Rivera. Some shouted incorrectly that she was a police. In a number of videos of the toppling of the Onate statue, a minimum of 2 of the agitators can be seen laying hands on Rivera. She informed me one female attempted to take her phone. As she was pressed to the ground, Steven Baca attempted to save her. A swarm of ladies obstructed Steven, and several videos reveal him attempting to peel the ladies off of him and Rivera. He was a protector, not an assailant.


As I composed in my syndicated column in 2015, attackers shouted incorrectly that Steven was a police to stimulate the mob as they took apart the statue. “I’m gonna f—-ing kill you,” “Get his license plate,” and, “Kill him,” they threatened — all recorded on video. Steven pulled back from the crowd, separated from Rivera. He encountered the street, where a number of rioters beat him in the head and body with a big skateboard (a “longboard”) — strangely comparable to what occurred to Kyle Rittenhouse simply 2 months later on. That is when Steven drew his weapon and fired a number of chance ats his assailants.

The guy who is recorded attacking Steven with the skateboard is Scott Williams, a left-wing rabble-rouser whose social networks accounts promoted antifa, BLM, Saul Alinsky and extremist efforts to “decolonize history.” A cops report on Williams I got recorded his supposed harassment and hazards versus Albuquerque artist Alan Ledergerber for adding to a GoFundMe project supporting totally free speech dissident Milo Yiannopoulos in 2017. Williams motivated his pals to dox other donors. The APD report comprehensive Williams’ posts motivating residential or commercial property damage and messages from Williams guaranteeing to “throw first blows” versus Ledergerber and ruin his profession in the arts.

The Bernalillo County district lawyer Raul Torrez brought no charges versus Williams for attacking Steven Baca. Rather, he charged Steven with worsened battery and illegal carrying of a lethal weapon. No trial date has actually been set, however pretrial hearings have actually been finished, and the case hangs heavy over Steven’s life.

I advise you that Raul Torrez is among lots of George Soros-subsidized subversives who put “social justice” above equivalent justice. A Soros front group called the “New Mexico Safety & Justice” PAC — pro-criminal, pro-rioter, anti-cop, anti-Second Change — discarded more than $107,000 into Torrez’s project in 2016. Torrez is now a leading competitor to run for New Mexico chief law officer in 2022. He is resting on project coffers filled with $334,000 in money.

Steven, on the other hand, continues to deal with hazards to his security. After the Rittenhouse decision, one agitator at a New Mexico demonstration informed regional media: “It will not be justice if Steven Baca is acquitted. … We will not stand by if he walks free in New Mexico.”

I will not wait and let Steven Baca be deserted by so-called law-and-order conservatives and feckless Republican politicians who have actually disregarded his predicament and prevented others from speaking up. Steven is prohibited from Facebook and GoFundMe, however 1,275 donors have actually joined me in raising $60,000 for his case. You can discover the crowdfunding project here: It’s us or the anarchotyrannists. Select.

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Jobber Wiki author Frank Long contributed to this report.