Steelers defensive back picks off Ben Roethlisberger, earns standout status on day 2 of minicamp

It’s a rarity for a gamer who went undrafted to make an NFL team, not to mention the 53-man lineup, however cornerback James Pierre did. A lot of snaps began unique groups, today that Steven Nelson and Mike Hilton are no longer in Pittsburgh, Pierre’s chances need to grow — specifically if he continues to have practices like the one on Wednesday.

After each offseason session, a standout gamer gets to rap with the media in an interview. Pierre’s 2 interceptions of Ben Roethlisberger throughout minicamp made him that right.

“To be honest, Ben is not just throwing anybody the ball,” Pierre stated. “It’s precious to get one of those … It’s hard to get it from Ben. So when I got those, it kind of made me smile.”

Roethlisberger provided Pierre well-deserved props. “After practice, Ben came up to me, told me good job, gave me a fist bump,” stated Pierre. “It built my confidence a little bit.”

Head coach Mike Tomlin sees that self-confidence. He stated that Pierre understands what’s required of him physically and psychologically and has high expectations for him this season.

“I think we’re looking for all of those second-year players who gained experience, and that guy gained a lot of experience last year,” Tomlin informed the media on Wednesday. “[Pierre] didn’t play a lot of defense, but he had a helmet on every week and was preparing every week. He was a critical component of our special teams unit, and that usually is an indication of the guys ready to proceed and advance. I think it’s reasonable to expect him to do so.”


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Jobber Wiki author Frank Long contributed to this report.