Steam Deck, Valve’s handheld PC, delayed into 2022

The Steam Deck has actually been postponed, Valve exposed in a Wednesday afternoon post. The portable PC will initially begin delivering to fans in February 2022, 2 months past its initial schedule. Valve blamed the international supply chain for the gadget’s hold-up.

Prior to this hold-up, the Steam Deck didn’t have a specific release date, with Valve rather informing fans to anticipate their Deck to ship at some point in December. However the very same chip lacks that are avoiding gamers all over the world from getting a PlayStation 5 or Xbox Series X have actually now struck the Steam Deck.

The new launch window in February will start with the very same reservation queue as before — meaning that only customers who reserved their Steam Deck fast enough to get a December date should expect their Deck in February. Fans who were late to the party should expect a two-month delay to their shipping date. Valve said it plans to update gamers’ estimated shipping date soon.

Valve originally revealed the Steam Deck in July, showing it off as a mobile alternative to PC gaming. In addition to traditional analog sticks and buttons, it’s also got small touch-sensitive pads on its face and multiple triggers on its back. The company is offering several versions of the device, mostly impacting its storage capacity. The Steam Deck starts at $399, but it can run gamers $649 for the high-end version. While not every PC game will work with the Steam Deck, Valve has likewise created its own ranking system to help showcase good Steam Deck games to gamers.

Jobber Wiki author Frank Long contributed to this report.