Stardew Valley mod makes fishing easier in the game

Stardew Valley is the video game that simply continues offering. Given that its release in 2016, it has actually seen more than its reasonable share of generous updates. Nevertheless, there’s still little things you might enhance occasionally. Thanks to a mod from Shekurika, one part of the video game simply got a little much easier to play: fishing. If you utilize it, you’ll have the ability to see the fish listed below the water.

Generally in Stardew Valley, you cast your line onto the the blank slate of the open water. Unlike comparable video games like Animal Crossing: New Horizons, you do not see shadows of fish and even a disruption on the surface area of the water. Usually, you’ll need to cast your lure in a couple of areas prior to you get a bite. This mod alters the video game so you’ll be able see all the fish’s sprites generate in the water. That method, you understand precisely where to position your lure if you’re searching for a particular fish to expand your collection or finish a dish.

It’s a thoughtful modification since fishing in Stardew can be a bit challenging. The rod is somewhat picky, and you’ll lose fish after hooking them if you aren’t mindful. It’s most likely among the hardest abilities to find out in the video game. This mod minimizes the grind and assists you to capture what you require, even if you aren’t the most experienced angler.

The mod likewise includes a couple of benefit setup alternatives. If you desire, you can fine-tune the number of fish generate on the map to produce more fish. Likewise, you can toggle an alternative to enable the gamer to see the video game’s other “fishable” products — like a rusty spoon and stimulate — also.

The mod is presently released on Nexus Mods — and due to a current policy modification on the site, this and all its other mods will be completely kept online. So if this appears like a function you’d like, well you have all the time in the world to get it.

Jobber Wiki author Frank Long contributed to this report.