Spiritfarer’s new DLC pack, the Lily update, is available for free

The very first of 3 totally free DLC packs have actually gotten here to Spiritfarer, the relaxing management video game about death and carrying on. The Lily upgrade is now offered, and presents a brand-new spirit by that name.

With the upgrade, Stella’s memories manifest as lovely flowers around her cabin, and as butterflies are drawn to the flowers, they manifest into Lily, the Butterfly Spirit.

This is a “small yet important addition to Spiritfarer’s main game,” according to designer Thunder Lotus. The pack has to do with lead character Stella, her journey, and concluding some narrative loose ends. There are some other quality-of-life additions, consisting of more presence during the night; Lily will light the method as Stella guides her boat.

2 more totally free updates are prepared for Spiritfarer, which released in August. The next upgrade has to do with Beverly, a previous next-door neighbor of Stella’s, and it will consist of a brand-new collectible and a space to keep them in, in addition to more quality-of-life enhancements. The last one will be the Jackie and Daria upgrade, which includes a brand-new island with 2 brand-new spirits.

Jobber Wiki author Frank Long contributed to this report.