Space Robinson Is Now Available For Xbox One And Xbox Series X|S

Endure the unforgiving world in the action rogue-like experiences of Area Robinson.
After crashing into a deserted nest base overrun with hostile life, you need to discover a method to endure the aspects equipped in the beginning with just a weapon and wrench. Discover buddies and update your method to success.


Take pride in the video game’s tough style. Death is simply a part of the real hardcore rogue-like experience afterall. However fret not, you’ll keep a lot of the valuable resources you gather throughout your experiences when you respawn back at the base, others you will require to venture out once again to recuperate.

Get Allies
Summon a raccoon, canine, or flying pig to assist you endeavor deeper into the depths of the unforgiving world. These brave monsters are your only buddies on the planet, actually.

Fresh Gameplay
Procedurally created levels with day and night cycles that will provide brand-new obstacles for you to dominate. So ideally you’re not scared of the dark.

Craft and Upgrade
Gather crystals, artifacts, and level up as you play. Update, craft brand-new weapons, and fix the nest systems to increase your possibilities of survival.

Jobber Wiki author Frank Long contributed to this report.