Space Jam 2’s Porky Pig rap must be seen and heard to be believed

If you believe that Porky Pig rapping under the phase name Well-known P.I.G. seems like a bad concept, sorry, the minds behind Area Jam: A New Tradition did not concur. In the film’s most recent clip, the animation character lays it down.

The rap itself is provided from Porky in an effort to fight the film’s bad guy, AI G. Rhythm (Don Cheadle). Instead of effort to explain stated rap, we have rather transcribed it here:

Word up it’s porky pig they call me P-Double
Al G. step to me he don’t desire no difficulty
I was popular prior to the web
given that 1935 I been gettin’ regard
this pig is lit, I’m very legit
whenever I’m out in public individuals asking me for photos
You? No one understands you when you stroll the street
how your surname Rhythm and you still off-beat?
From starting to the end I’m here for all the smoke
your team ain’t all-stars your team is all jokes
end this with one bomb, most popular of all quotes
this fight is now over, that’s that’s all folks

On the off possibility that you’re keeping track, Looney Tunes raps are in fact a part of Area Jam custom. The last track on the soundtrack for the initial film is “Buggin’” a Bugs Bunny rap. Nevertheless, that tune in fact slaps for one incredibly significant factor: It was composed by Shawn Carter, much better referred to as Jay-Z.

Carter composed the track in partnership with James Newton Howard, the Oscar-nominated movie author who composed ball game for Area Jam along with other motion pictures like The Dark Knight and Michael Clayton.

Sadly, Porky did not bring in similarly gifted partners for the brand-new film. However LeBron James appears like he’s having a good time. Area Jam: A New Tradition is set to premiere on HBO Max and in theaters on July 16.

Jobber Wiki author Frank Long contributed to this report.