‘South Park’ releases a vaccination special

The unique, entitled “South ParQ Vaccination Special,” focuses on the Catman and the gang attempting to get a vaccine for their instructor, Mrs. Nelson. Along the method, the kids deal with QAnon conspiracy theorists and offer with seclusion.

“You guys have a right to say and believe whatever you want, okay? But what you believe is really stupid,” Cartman informs a QAnon member at one point.

In other plotlines, the QAnon advocates have a difficult time thinking the vaccine really works, and are bothering Mr. Fort, who is back from his sabbatical, in the supermarket about it.

The program’s developers Matt Stone and Trey Parker likewise included Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama and Oprah Winfrey in the unique, who are revealed as part of a cult that group that “feed off children to maintain their elite status.”

The unique is the 2nd hour-long one for the series, and follows in 2015’s pandemic unique, which drew more than 4 million audiences to Funny Central.

The main South Park site is streaming the “South ParQ Vaccination Special” now free of charge.

Jobber Wiki author Frank Long contributed to this report.