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Sony Sent Out This Amazing PlayStation Holiday Gift Pack to Press; Here’s What’s in It

It’s the start of the new year, but some of you might still be opening or getting presents from the holidays. We here at MP1st is doing just that, as we got this amazing holiday gift pack from Sony PlayStation!

We normally don’t write about stuff that we get, but this one is an exception, as there’s quite a lot of neat stuff included. Curious what each stuff is? Read on to find out each item included. Note that the items are not for sale, and were sent to select media and content creator partners.

This is what greeted us after opening it:

Not bad, right? Check out the item by item breakdown below.

Sony PlayStation Holiday Gift Pack Contents:

Greeting Card + PlayStation Plus Deluxe 12 Month Membership:

We got a holiday greeting card from Sony, as well as a 12-month membership to PlayStation Plus Deluxe. This alone is already a worthwhile gift by itself. I mean, who wouldn’t want an extra 12-month PS Plus membership, right?

Foldable Tray:

This comes in flat and quite useful for storing keys, coins and other stuff on your desk. It’s quite big as well.

PlayStation 2023 Calendar:

Of course, a gift bag to cap the end of the year wouldn’t be complete without a calendar for the following year. 

PlayStation T-Shirt:

Another staple of most giveaways is the t-shirt. This one is a plain white one with the familiar PlayStation symbols on ’em. Very nice and easy to use in everyday wear.

PlayStation Tote Bag:

This is quite a large bag and thick as well. I’m not exaggerating when I say that this can fit the PS5 and have room to spare. It’s definitely sturdy enough if you ever want to bring that mammoth console using this.

PlayStation-Branded Desk Mat:

This is what appears to be a a PlayStation-branded leather desk mat that’s quite big — much larger than your standard desk mats.

MagEasy Board With PlayStation Magnets:

This is possibly the coolest piece of set; it’s a magnetic board where you can pin things to it, and it has the specific PlayStation symbols as magnets, and even normal clasps have the PlayStation symbols too!

That about sums it up! Would you want to see more breakdowns of stuff we get from video game companies? Let us know down in the comments.

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