Some French Island families with high PFAS levels don’t qualify for free drinking water from the City of La Crosse

FRENCH ISLAND, Wis. (WXOW) – Kathy and Joe Weitekamp’s well water checked at 25.4% for PFAS contamination, however because they aren’t in the City of La Crosse’s test zone they did not get approved for complimentary momentary drinking water.

The couple spent for their own test and reported the outcomes to the Town of Campbell who assisted them call the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources. When the DNR verified with the City of La Crosse that the Weitekamp’s lived beyond their designated examination, the DNR then began paying and providing gallons of drinking water to your house.

The couple is disappointed with interaction in between the City of La Crosse and the Town of Campbell.

“The city keeps saying they want to collaborate and they want to work together,” Kathy stated. “‘Why are we going against them?’ But the Town of Campbell has contacted them numerous times with no responses or very extended periods of time with their responses.”

“It’s surprising that with this PFAS contamination that safe drinking water has not been identified more quickly to be a priority,” Town of Campbell manager Lee Donahue stated.

She continued that individuals who can pay for the $425.00 screening charge report their outcomes to the Town of Campbell clerk’s e-mail:

“That really helps the DNR,” Lee stated. “They are trying to issue a health advisory but they can’t do that with the Department of Health unless they have concrete data.”

Kathy and Joe stated they’re appreciative for Donahue’s work, however that La Crosse Mayor Tim Kabat need to share more info.

“If you really want to work together with us, work together with us so we can get a full picture,” Kathy stated. “On the Town of Campbell website where we have areas mapped out… It’s only because residents have been courteous to let the Town of Campbell know. That’s the only results that the Town of Campbell knows because the rest are not being shared.”

Mayor Kabat’s workplace stated he’ll be open to an interview once their examination is total.

French Island citizens can secure free water contributed by Hy-Vee, Kwik Journey, and CVS Thursday afternoon.


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