Social Skills – Starts To Give Compliments

A great way to improve your social skills is to start giving compliments to the people you meet. Give them a big smile and tell them how happy you are to be with them.

In your hand, write out all the important contacts and then ask each person if they have business cards. If not, just tell them so they can grab one out of their bag or pocket and leave it at your table. After you get everyone’s cards, keep them.

Just like the way we give out our contact information to other people, you should always give this out when meeting new people. Since we get into a business deal and decide to give out our contact information, sometimes it seems like the first thing we do is hand out our card. Unfortunately, it is usually the case. Keep all the cards that you might not have seen a lot of and that way, when you meet someone again, you can say hello, leave a message, or just sit down and chat.

Another way to start giving compliments is to stop giving positive feedback on something you did not like. If you are a driver and there are no shoulders in the way, for example, pull into a driveway or side street and give the people in front of you a smile. Then give a smile back and encourage them to open the door for you. After you get them to open up, say something to the effect of: “I’m glad I could help.”

When a coworker has a good day, you might like the way she looks. You may tell her how nice she looks or say how great she looks in a beautiful dress. But then you remember that she’s not the one doing the work. This is not a good way to begin a compliment relationship.

A good way to start a compliment relationship is to ask for a compliment. The only drawback is that it will take some courage. After all, you’re giving a compliment to the person you are complimenting, not to a group of people you don’t know and maybe don’t really know anything about. If you are really shy, you can do this in small steps. Take time and build slowly.

For example, when you are riding in a stranger’s car, say something like, “You’re so nice.” Then, when the stranger asks if you are okay, just say, “Yeah, I am.” It is perfectly acceptable to end the conversation there. However, if you like the other person, you can ask for a hug.

Sometimes it helps to just start a conversation by asking how they are doing. That way, you can start thinking about how to continue to compliment the person you are talking to. Another option is to leave the question hanging. You may want to put in some other questions such as:

“What’s the most interesting person you know?” or, “What’s the most interesting job you know of?” or, “What’s the most interesting street you know of?”

One way to introduce yourself is to say, “I’m interested in the most interesting person in the world,” or, “I am looking for a great cook in New York.” This is a great introduction because it shows off the best trait you have, which is your enthusiasm. It also makes you sound really smart.

Think about what it feels like to be in a situation where you are being complimented. It is very important that you feel good about it. Some people get self-conscious when they are being praised for something. If you were talking to a complete stranger, you might want to think about how you felt when you were being complimented by a complete stranger.

These tips will get you started on your way to improving your social skills. Get them in order, and you will find that getting yourself and others out into social situations is much easier.