Soccer-F1 driver Norris sets a new goal for England’s Mount

(Reuters) – Mason Mount and his England group mates have Lando Norris in their sights after the McLaren Solution One motorist’s bro established racing simulators at their Euro 2020 training school.

Norris informed press reporters at the French Grand Prix at Le Castellet that a few of the gamers had actually messaged to state they were attempting to beat his criteria lap of Brands Hatch.

“I know some of them have been on the simulator trying to beat one of my lap times that I did at Brands. I don’t think any of them have yet. I know Mason said he was trying hard to beat me,” he stated.

Norris stated the Chelsea midfielder had actually sent him an England t-shirt and he would be using it when able to enjoy.

England play Scotland at Wembley in a Group D match in the future Friday.

“There’s a few of the guys who definitely want to come to a race. I said it would be awesome if they could come to Silverstone but obviously they can’t as the football is on and they’re quite busy during next month,” stated Norris.

“It’s a shame but hopefully in the future I can get a few of them round.”

Norris, an eager gamer as a kid and a casual Bristol City fan, stated he followed England when significant competitions were on however otherwise did not enjoy much.

With a Belgian mom and a German group employer, Norris was looking forward likewise to some friendly competition.

“If my mom asks me who I’m supporting then I’ll say Belgium. So I’m split. I would love both of them to do well,” he smiled.

“I really, really hope we get to go against Germany and smash them just so I can laugh at (principal) Andreas (Seidl). That will make my year if that happens.”

(Reporting by Alan Baldwin in London, Modifying by Hugh Lawson)

Jobber Wiki author Frank Long contributed to this report.