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Shin Megami Tensei 5 brings us back to the world of the Megami Tensei series (consisting of the Personality spinoffs). SMTV integrates aspects of previous video games in the series along with presenting completely brand-new principles.

In this Shin Megami Tensei 5 novice’s guide, we’ll assist you through your very first couple of hours with the important things we want we comprehended previously. We’ll assist you comprehend the video game’s quick travel, conserving, and different supplier mechanics that you’ll discover at Leyline Founts, discuss how fight works, and talk a little about Essences and Satanic Force Combination.

There’s a lot going on at Leyline Founts

No, seriously: There’s a lot going on at Leyline Founts. They’re where you quick travel, shop, turn in Miman and Relics, recover your celebration, discover brand-new Miracles, carry out Satanic force Blends, and so on. Like we stated, there’s a lot going on.

The choices offered broaden rapidly over the very first couple of you go to. They consist of:

  • Chronicle Deeds. This is how you conserve.
  • Leyline Crossing. This permits you to quick travel in between Leyline Founts you’ve formerly checked out.
  • Cadaver’s Hollow. Gustave’s store, where you can purchase and offer consumable products. This is likewise where you’ll offer Antiques and get benefits for discovering Miman.
  • World of Shadows. Sophia’s world, where you discover Wonders (long-term, passive enthusiasts), handle Essences (a method to discover brand-new Abilities and Resistances), and carry out Satanic Force Blends. More on this listed below.
  • Healing. Pay cash (Macca) to restore your celebration’s HP and MP.

Don’t forget to conserve at Leyline Founts

Leyline Founts are your just conserve points. With whatever else you do there, it’s simple to forget to conserve — “Chronicle Deeds” as the video game calls it. If your lead character falls in fight, you’ll be hung back at your last conserve, so you can lose a great deal of development. With conserve points so rare, it’s important to conserve whenever you can.

Don’t get sidetracked by whatever else. We’re extremely distractible, so we’ve made a practice of conserving very first thing, and after that conserving once again when we’re done at the Leyline Fount, simply to make certain.

Conserve some money (Macca) for recovery

The Healing alternative at a Leyline Fount totally recovers a celebration member’s health and magic swimming pools (HP and MP), however it costs you money. For characters under level 10, you’re taking a look at about 75 Macca or less each.

As appealing as it is to invest the cash on consumables and recovery potions (Medication), the Healing alternative at a Leyline Fount likewise totally bring back’s a character’s magic — something no early video game product does.

Conserve more Macca for recruiting

Your lead character is not alone in their battle versus the satanic forces. You’ll submit your celebration with approximately 3 other satanic forces by hiring them.

Hiring can be as simple as talking with them well or as hard as shelling out big quantities of Macca, HP, and products. It’s generally worth it, however, since more allies make battles simpler. And those brand-new allies will have brand-new Attacks and Abilities, which is necessary since …

Fight has to do with making use of weak points and securing free turns

For each round of fight, each side of a battle has a variety of Press Turn Icons — generally, the variety of actions that celebration can carry out per round.

Combat is about exploiting weaknesses

Mandrakes are Weak versus Fire and Resistant to Electric damage.
Image: Atlus/Sega through Polygon

Every opponent satanic force has a series of weak points and resistances to types (Affinities) of attacks and abilities. These are revealed as icons under the kinds of damages. Every opponent has a line (no modification), exclamation point (Weak), guard (Immune), or half-shield (Resistant) to melee, Fire, Ice, Electric, Force, Light, and Dark damage Affinities.

When you carry out an attack that the target is weak to — like the Agi (Fire) Ability in the image above — the attack doesn’t take in a press turn icon.

This suggests you can get a totally free action when per celebration member per round of fight. Preferably, you’ll string together a series of attacks from each celebration member that make use of weak points so that everybody in your celebration addresses least two times per round of fight.

Notably, the exact same mechanic holds true for opponent satanic forces, so if they exploit your celebration’s weak points, they’ll get additional attacks, too. If you’re having a hard time with a weak point to a particular attack or opponent, you’ll require to utilize Essence.

Essences are vital

Throughout Shin Megami Tensei 5, you’ll be gathering Essences. (In reality, you’ll most likely get a couple of prior to you can even do anything with them.) Essences resemble a distilled variation of a satanic force’s attacks, abilities, weak points, and resistances.

Essence – Shin Megami Tensei 5 guide

A Kodama Essence permits you to teach Zan, Dormina, and Dia to a various satanic force.
Image: Atlus/Sega through Polygon

Inside the World of Shadows at a Leyline Found, you can utilize these Essences through Essence Combination. Utilizing this, you’ll have the ability to teach yourself and the satanic forces in your celebration brand-new Abilities and Attacks with brand-new Affinities.

You can likewise utilize Essence Combination to move Weak points and Resistances from the satanic force Essence to your lead character. This is an excellent assistance when taking on opponents with strong essential (Affinity) attacks that you’re weak to.

Don’t get too connected to your Satanic forces

All of that stated, your satanic forces are non reusable. They’ll fall in fight, or you may simply discover much better ones as you advance. These aren’t members of your celebration even they’re tools that offer additional attacks.

Don’t think twice to switch them out.

More significantly, the World of Shadows likewise permits you to carry out Satanic Force Combination. This takes 2 of your hired satanic forces (or a satanic force from your Satanic force Compendium) and integrates them into a brand-new kind of satanic force, typically of a (much) greater level.

This is an excellent method to get effective allies. It’s even worth it to continuously hire low-level satanic forces simply to utilize as Combination fodder.

Jobber Wiki author Frank Long contributed to this report.