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Small Details And Mechanics We Love About Destiny 2

Destiny 2 has been a fan favorite for MMO diehards and new players of the genre alike. A great universe of stories, varied types of gameplay, and not-too-shabby graphics are some of the key points of the game.

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But, what about those little details? The ones that make you smile or maybe just overlook completely, but overall add to the game’s enjoyability. While they might not be the main selling points of the game, here are some of the best little details that keep players coming back to Destiny 2.


9/9 How Wicked Thorn LooksDestiny 2 Thorn Handcannon

With a name like Thorn, you would hope the gun at least looked kind of cool. Well, thankfully Destiny 2 held up its end of that bargain and then some.

Wickedly sharp, pointy, and a nice glossy black too, Thorn looks everything like you’d want a weapon of sorrow to look. Even the ammo it shoots adds to the coolness factor with its little dagger-like bullets.

8/9 The Spaceship Loading ScreenDestiny 2 Ship Loading Screen

Traveling in your spaceship, while not a huge part of the game, is such a fun thing visually.

Sure, it’s just a clever way to hide a loading screen, but there’s something about watching the ship you spent ages grinding to get and modify float around in space before landing on a planet. It’s a relaxing moment among the chaos of fighting various aliens across the solar system. Watching your friends’ ships pull up beside yours, before dipping down to the planet below, is a great additional detail.

7/9 Hastilude’s LancesDestiny 2 Hastilude Sparrow

“Two words: sparrow jousting,” echo in mind even now. When you first see Hastilude, you may think the sparrow is pretty cool looking with its somewhat ornate design.

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But, once you take a look at the flavor text and put the pieces together, you get a better appreciation for the sparrow itself — and can’t help but smile at the little bit of world-building the creators threw in there. The concept of sparrow jousting sounds like an absolute riot of a time, so maybe they’ll add it in Destiny 3?

6/9 How Well The Soundtrack Fits

Destiny 2 Traveler Being Attacked Cinematic

It can be hard to make a game soundtrack that fits the game to a T, especially a game with such a unique feel as Destiny 2. And yet, the creators somehow made it work.

There are a lot of moments where you may find yourself really taking note of how well the music fits the mood, whether it’s the sad strings when you lose your light, or the dramatic tones while you face off against Ghaul.

5/9 Feeling Like A Tank With Heir Apparent And Sweet BusinessDestiny 2 Heir Apparent

Each weapon in Destiny 2 feels so different. No matter what your playstyle you can find a full loadout to fit that ideal in your head. One such ideal is being an absolute wrecking ball, and any Titan player should know exactly how that feels.

However, no other weapons make you feel quite as uniquely powerful as Sweet Business and Heir Apparent. These multi-barreled monstrosities lay waste to anything before you, and it’s hard not to feel invincible while you do.

4/9 Just How Creepy The Scorn AreDestiny 2 Scorn Creature Crawling Towards Character

There are a lot of great enemy designs in Destiny 2, but it can be tough to keep creating unique enemy types when you already have such a wide array of baddies available in a game. Knowing this, there was some trepidation at seeing what the Scorn would look like.

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These worries were unfounded, with the Scorn being some of the creepiest enemies out there. These pale and often warped creatures skitter and rush you with tactics and attacks, unlike any other enemy types. Not only does this up the tension, but it makes for a certain level of fun and world-building as you get to come up with new tactics to defeat this new enemy type.

3/9 How Gross One Thousand Voices Looks

Destiny 2 One Thousand Voices Gun

There’s a wide array of weapon designs in Destiny 2. Everything from super-futuristic laser rifles to rustic revolvers can be wielded against the alien hordes you have to fight off in the game. As a result, it’s somewhat rare when any specific weapon seems to have a design unique from the others — just like One Thousand Voices.

All bone and gristle, this weapon is creepily organic, which only makes sense as loot from the Forsaken expansion. Not to mention it’s a literal death beam. Even the flair text for the gun is more than a little creepy.

2/9 Crucible AudioDestiny 2 Lord Shaxx Posing

The Crucible can sure get rough. Fighting fellow players and their custom-made load-outs can be as rewarding and frustrating in equal parts.

Thankfully, the mighty Lord Shaxx is always there to distribute praise. His stern and booming voice is some solace when a match doesn’t go your way, or when you find yourself on an ever-growing killing spree. The voice acting and character of Shaxx is always one that feels almost too enthusiastic to be true, but is always a joy to hear.

1/9 Rat King’s EngravingsDestiny 2 Rat King Pistol

While maybe not the most powerful of the exotic weapons in Destiny 2, Rat King does get some major points for style if nothing else. The name of this little auto-pistol alone conjures up images of verminous skittering creatures, which you’ll find etched into the side of the barrel in great detail.

From the silvered rats that stand ready to dole out pain to the red wire-wrapped grip, this weapon is a stylish addition to your loadout. As a bonus, the more people that are nearby with this weapon equipped, the stronger each weapon is in turn. Strength in numbers for sure.

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