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After his vehicle struck a tree in a rainy night, Peter gets up in an old deserted estate, someplace in England. He can´t keep in mind why and how he got here, however quickly he understands that your house is not as deserted as it appears. While searching for an escape of your house, Peter needs to discover the dark tricks of what has actually taken place in this location.

As he looks for his escape, Peter finds tips which show that he has actually currently been here prior to. However by the time he’s beginning to put the pieces of the puzzle together, something evil has actually gotten his path… Fix puzzles to learn how you are linked to the secrets of this location. But be careful: Something evil lurks in the cold, dark masonry and it has actually currently begun searching you…

Item Details:
Designer: Split Heads
Publisher: Headup Games
Site: Silver Chains
Twitter: @cracked_heads@HeadupGames

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