Should You Tip Movers

If you ever had to hire a moving company, no matter how long you moved, you probably got the impression that you should tip the movers. But what exactly should you tip the movers? What’s fair? Is it really good manners to tip the moving company? And what if you already got a great deal from the company and you feel like giving them another big bonus?


The tipping debate has been rekindled because of the recent movie “Zoolander.” In this movie, one character (played by Steve Martin) gives a moving speech about not tipping the movers when packing for a move. He then promptly gets a big tip from a man who offers him another tip of ten percent. This time, the old man doesn’t bother to hide the tips he’s giving to the employees at the New York movers are made aware of the policy.


So, should you tip movers in New York City? Well, there are always exceptions, and some of the rules depend on the size and expertise of the moving company you’re dealing with. For instance, if the movers were experts at loading and unloading, then it probably wouldn’t be a good idea to tip them. They do make sure that their employees know the right procedures, after all.


Still, if the move is fairly small or if the mover is well known and respected within the community, you should definitely tip the professionals. When the move is something that involves several trucks and loads of furniture, you should make sure that you get the best service. You shouldn’t have to wait forever for your furniture to be unloaded, no matter how small the move is. The professional movers will also make sure that the trucks are loaded quickly and that nothing gets damaged during the move.


Also, professional movers are often called in for short, intense jobs. These include repacking a home as well as moving day-to-day tasks like light cleaning and laundry to preparing the home for visitors. These long-distance moves can really take a toll on the budget of a family. If the family uses a company to handle these types of projects, the budget can be very flexible for other areas of the family’s needs.


Of course, there’s no rule that says you have to keep your tips for the moving company. There’s no right or wrong question to ask. However, most people will notice that a larger tip does more than just make the movers feel good. It tells them that they are doing a good job and gives the family a sense of pride when they step into their new house.


There are some things that you should always do before and after any move. First, make sure to protect all fragile items from moving trucks. You should load up boxes that are fragile and put them in the back of your car or in storage somewhere. You should also pack up any papers or other items that you would rather not move. It may seem like a lot of work but it is a necessary precaution.


Most importantly, though, you should understand that a gratuity is not necessary. In fact, it would be against the company’s policy to require any kind of payment up front. They will pay for the moving costs only. Your job is to reimburse them for their services.


The best way to find out if you should tip movers is to actually give them a piece of advice. Ask the manager what a good experience she has had. Do you think she did a good job? If so, tell the manager that you liked her attitude. What kind of assistance and how much coordination did she provide? Did she remind the mover individually about the steps of the move?


On the other hand, if you feel that the customer service was substandard during one of your long-distance moves, you should tell the manager about it. If the movers were rude, did they answer your questions promptly? How did they treat you throughout the move? Did the crew member to take your name or address down correctly when he delivered your belongings? These are just some questions that you can ask the manager of the moving crews. She will be able to give you good feedback on both her long-distance moves and her residential moves.


You do not have to tip the moving company each time you move your stuff. However, if you are satisfied with their performance during the move, you should certainly keep them as your reference in the future. After all, a good moving company deserves only the best service, which includes providing a good moving experience.