Shining Nikki immediately went off the rails and now I have a gun

Love Nikki Gown Up Queen has actually been the necessary styling video game for mobile gamers for years. It’s held a devoted fanbase considering that the initial release, where gamers were smitten by the personalization and depth of the dress-up choices, paired with deep role-playing video game mechanics. It was initially launched in China in 2015, with a global release in 2017.

Though I’ve invested years developing a huge closet in Love Nikki, I’ve likewise aspired to proceed to its follow up, Shining Nikki. It’s been out in China and somewhere else for a bit, however just got a global release this month. It took place so silently that I didn’t even understand it took place up until today, and I’m so delighted it’s here. It is tough to proceed to a brand-new video game after investing a lot time with Love Nikki, however I’m heading into Shining Nikki with full blast. And I’m really delighted with what I’m seeing.

a woman with tattoos wearing a bra top and a demin skirt

Image: Papergames

Style is among the primary draws for Shining Nikki, the mainline story is both necessary in showcasing those attires, however is an engaging RPG, too. Constructed within these systems are side missions, difficulties, text experiences, grinding, and crafting. The story is made complex and long-winded, however it’s not tough to follow along: Nikki, by the power of her attire, is predestined to conserve the world. The path there doesn’t consist of bullets or physical combating, however, as it ends up, does consist of weapons!

Among the early story objectives starts with a lady pulling a weapon on a baffled Nikki, who’s lost her memory. This is specifically the minute I understood I was going to take pleasure in Shining Nikki simply as much as I enjoyed Love Nikki.

Shining Nikki has actually fixed up the menu systems and interface a bit — though it’s still exceptionally thick and complicated — and enhanced the graphics, it’s still the series that I fell in love with. It’s still goofy, to state the least.

A couple of objectives later on (with memory gained back), the story swerves as soon as again: Now I’m needed to craft my own weapon, a handgun called Snownight Hawk. Here’s its description:

Prior to Snownight might fire the last round in her publication, a scarlet bloom flowered in front of her chest.

The story, at this moment, slightly includes some military folks, however I’m advised to craft this weapon to impress an eight-year-old lady that wishes to see me in a cool clothing. And how could I reject her that? My cool clothing, which pleased the lady, is embedded at the top of this story. Judge on your own.

Obviously, this isn’t the only incredibly comprehensive weapon in Shining Nikki. I saw a picture of an attack rifle in-game on social networks, however I’ve yet to see how that plays into the story. However I cannot wait to discover. Shining Nikki is a style video game, yes. However it’s likewise turmoil. Darkness. Destruction. Pretty dresses. Elaborate hairstyles. And likewise weapons.

Jobber Wiki author Frank Long contributed to this report.