Shin Ultraman: Watch the trailer for Evangelion creators’ take on Ultraman

While the current Godzilla vs. Kong trailer might have sated kaiju fans’ cravings for computer-generated beasts beating the packing out of each other, something it was light on was the stressed, extremely administrative action of the Japanese federal government — the extremely thing that made 2016’s satirical beast motion picture Shin Godzilla so remarkable.

Excellent news: The primary developers behind Shin Godzilla, Hideaki Anno and Shinji Higuchi, have actually collaborated for another kaiju-battlin’ motion picture, Shin Ultraman, based upon the timeless tokusatsu superhero. And it appears that Anno and Higuchi are approaching Ultraman in a comparable style, based upon a quick teaser trailer launched Thursday.

The trailer reveals a kaiju attack on Japan, particularly from Ultraman nemeses Neronga and Gabora. Science Unique Search-Party (SSSP), a company that examines and reacts to alien and kaiju risks, instantly releases a greatly militarized action. Just at the end does our huge kid Ultraman appear, overlooking power lines.

Shin Ultraman was revealed in 2019. The movie was prepared and composed by Hideaki Anno, the developer of Neon Genesis Evangelion and co-director of Shin Godzilla. Anno’s co-director on Shin Godzilla, Shinji Higuchi, is the main director on Shin Ultraman, and regular partner Shiro Sagisu is making up the movie’s soundtrack.

Shin Ultraman is slated to strike Japanese cinema this summer season.

Jobber Wiki author Frank Long contributed to this report.