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A shelter in location order was released after a number of rail cards beginning venting sulfuric acid in Wood River.

WOOD RIVER, Ill. ( – A shelter in location order was triggered for some homeowners in Wood River Thursday. Late in the day, the Wood River Authorities Department revealed that the order had actually been extended up until 6 a.m. Friday.

Wednesday afternoon Norfolk Southern Railway was alerted that a fixed rail vehicle consisting of invested sulfuric acid was over pressurized and venting. The rail vehicle became part of a group of 5 got from the Phillips 66 refinery and staged while waiting for pickup by KCS Railway.

Residents impacted by the shelter in place order

Authorities launched a map revealing the location under the shelter in location order on June 3, 2021.

One employee was conquered by the venting fumes. He was required to the healthcare facility where he was dealt with and launched.

Throughout the night, Norfolk Southern workers, hazmat teams and regional very first responders were on scene tracking and accessing the scenario.

“As they’re monitoring the air around the areas they started noticing some levels that they were concerned about,” stated Wood River Authorities Chief Brad Wells.

2 nearby rail cars and trucks likewise started venting due to over pressurization. So, around 4 a.m. a shelter in location order was released to homeowners in an area on the town’s southwest side.

“So they called at 4:02 in the morning and said what was going on,” said Jill Rosencrans.

The shelter in location order is for the area south of Route 143, west of Route 111, north of West Third Street and east of North Old Edwardsville Road. Residents in the impacted area are advised to stay inside, turn off their HVAC and close windows. More than 430 homes and businesses are under the shelter in place order.

Tracey Sorgea lives in the affected neighborhood wasn’t happy about the prospects of not having air conditioning.

“Do we really need to turn the air conditioning off? I said that’s what it says! And it says it’s a chemical leak or whatever so I think we probably need to. So it was a little unsettling that’s for sure,” she stated.

According to officers, a rail car near the southwest section of Wood River is venting spent sulfuric acid. Residents under the shelter in location order are being advised to turn off their HVAC and close windows.

Wood River firefighters are spraying water on the venting rail cars. The technique is known as a water curtain and it prevents the fumes from spreading to nearby neighborhoods. A fourth rail car began venting around 10 a.m.

Norfolk Southern said the cars are venting vapor as part of a safety mechanism to reduce built up pressure. Air quality readings have been conducted in the location and have returned to safe levels.

The Madison County Emergency Management Agency Command Post is on the scene also assisting. In addition, Sixth Street south of Path 143 to Path 111 is closed as a preventative measure.

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