‘Shameless’ series finale after party hit a snag

And it wasn’t even if of what occurred on the last episode of the hit Showtime series about an inefficient household headed by single daddy Frank Gallagher (played by William H. Macy) or that the program was finishing up after 11 seasons.

What contributed to the unhappiness was that there were some problems that happened with the virtual after celebration including a few of the cast and tossed by Showtime.

Audiences were motivated to hop over to the Gallagher Home website “to join the entire cast for a discussion on the final season” and were motivated to “stick around after to explore the Gallagher house and relive your fondest family memories.”

Other than things didn’t go as prepared.

“Wouldn’t be a Gallagher party without a few hiccups,” the program’s confirmed Twitter account tweeted. “Hold your damn horses, we’re getting the site back up for you soon.”

When that didn’t occur immediately the account then tweeted, “Like the Gallagher House, we’re working on some repairs for http://GallagherHouse.com. In the meantime, enjoy the panel here,” and directed folks to a “Last Call” panel video.
Things were ultimately figured out and for those who missed it, the ending panel can be seen here.

Jobber Wiki author Frank Long contributed to this report.