Shadow Man Remastered Is Now Available For Xbox One And Xbox Series X|S

He is coming, stalking wrongdoers in the spirit world and the real life. A had guy is coming, a voodoo mask in his chest and lines of power in his back. Shadow Male is coming, tracking evil from Liveside to Deadside. To stop an armageddon. To conserve your soul.

Stalk wrongdoers throughout 2 worlds: Check out criminal activity scenes in the Louisiana, Swamplands, a New york city tenement, a Texas jail, the asylum and numerous other locations.

Send out Evil back to darkness: Enter armed with superior weapons or soul-destroying voodoo powers.

Decipher the Mysteries of Deadside: Collect ominous voodoo artifacts in order to fix puzzles.

Live the Problem: Over 40 immersive cut-scenes and hours of in-game speech.

Shadow Male: Remastered is a total overhaul of the timeless video game with brought back, formerly cut material!

3 Brand-new Levels:
“Summer Camp, Florida” (Day and Night)
“Salvage Yard, Mojave Desert” (Day and Night)
“Asylum Station 2 – Experimentation Rooms”

New Audio (from the initial video games author, Tim Haywood):
Remastered music and SFX
New music and SFX for the brought back levels
Brought back cut/unused voice dialog in levels

Art Updates:
HD Textures for all levels and things
Nvidia Introduction Cutscene Textures
HD HUD and stock icons plus a brand-new icon for the Shadow Weapon
Brought back unused animations
Brought back a number of cut and censored designs from the initial levels
N64 Gad Icons

Gameplay Improvements:
New weapon wheel to pick weapons quicker as time is decreased
Enhanced controls
Enhanced destructible things utilizing Bullet Physics
Vehicle targeting
Tweaked/improved AI
Levels reorganized as initially planned
A lots of repairs throughout the whole video game to each level from challenge geometry repairs
Repairs to the localization for English, French, German, Spanish, and Italian
Over 30 accomplishments

New Defense:
A 2nd Lawbreaker (Constant with the N64 variation)
Sawed-off Shotgun (changes the 2nd routine shotgun)
New design and numerous sound variations for the Shadow Weapon

New Enemies:
Yort Floater
The Seraph Queen
Dead Worm
Unused zombie brought back in Station 2
One arm Tenement Zombie.

Rendering Improvements:
Dynamic Per Pixel Lighting
Clustered Forward Shadow Mapping
Order-independent openness

New Post Processing Impacts:
Ambient Occlusion
Anisotropic Filtering
Movement Blur
Movie Grain
Depth of Field

All the tricks from the N64/Dreamcast/PC consisted of in this remaster
Plus a lot more to be found!

Jobber Wiki author Frank Long contributed to this report.