Shadow and Bones’ Ben Barnes knew he was perfect Darkling casting

If a popular book exists, Tumblr is chock filled with concepts for a thought of adjustment.

The fan casting exceeds thinking up who would play who in a theoretical motion picture. State of mind boards, GIF sets, and fan edits admire users’ preferred product, collaged from a wide variety of sources to catch the essence of an unique or series. While Tumblr is a sanctuary for fan art, the very same routines are simply as present on Pinterest, Instagram, and Twitter. Therefore frequently fans, despite platform, cast characters of a particular type very same with the very same dream stars.

Ben Barnes, who broke out in The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian and just recently appeared on Westworld and The Punisher, is an especially popular option to fan cast in the function of Tall, Dark, and Good-looking Man. For many years he was the go-to option for Marauders Age Sirius Black in the Harry Potter fandom. Barnes likewise ended up being the typical casting for Shadow and Bones’ Darkling, an effective Shadow Summoner in charge of Ravka’s Grisha army in the very first Grishaverse trilogy.

The twist is that, in 2019, Netflix’s Shadow and Bone really cast Barnes as Darkling. And with that, a million Tumblr modifies came to life, stimulating enjoyment for fans on the platform. The dream series was currently popular on Tumblr, however casting Barnes as the brooding General Kirigan (what the Darkling is called in the program) was an ideal storm. And it’s settling: According to Tumblr information shared with Polygon, the previous month saw engagement of the website’s “Ben Barnes” tag rise 639%, with buzz for Shadow and Bone likewise escalating 594%.

Though Barnes has an association with Tumblr fandom, and holds an unique location in the hearts of Grishaverse fans, showrunner Eric Heisserer informs Polygon he had no concept of the star’s connection to the function. Barnes had actually formerly worked with Heisserer’s other half Christine Boylan on The Punisher, and he simply entered your mind throughout the casting procedure. However when he recommended the option to Grishaverse author Leigh Bardugo, the option triggered a memory.

Kirigan and Alina staring at each other, as Kirigan pierces her arm and a bolt of pure light emerges

Picture: Netflix

“I had this old Tumblr post where somebody had done an edit of Ben with this fantastic quote, as the Darkling,” she chuckles. “And I sent it to Eric, and I was like, ‘Thumbs up for me.’”

Heisserer states he didn’t choose his Darkling since of the fandom connection either. Boylan had actually informed him that not just was Barnes a great star, however he was likewise a truly excellent individual. The showrunner believed that would be a crucial quality for somebody who might function as a coach figure for a fairly more youthful cast. So he got lunch with Barnes to go over the function. While Heisserer was just familiar with Barnes’ connection to the character through Bardugo, it ended up that the star himself had a bit more awareness of the phenomenon.

“Toward the end of the lunch, Ben slid over his phone at me,” states Heisserer. “And it was the same Tumblr post, [and he was] like, ‘You’re gonna hire me now, aren’t you?’”

Shadow and Bone strikes Netflix on April 23.

Jobber Wiki author Frank Long contributed to this report.