Seth Rogen clarifies comments on Emma Watson ‘storming off set’

Rogen required to Twitter on Monday night to discuss what really occurred.

“I want to correct a story that has emerged from a recent interview I gave. It misrepresents what actually happened,” he composed. “Emma Watson did not ‘storm off the set’ and it’s shi–y that the perception is that she did. The scene was not what was originally scripted, it was getting improvised, changed drastically and was not what she agreed to. The narrative that she was in some way uncool or unprofessional is complete bulls–t.”

He continued: “I was thrilled for the opportunity to work with her and would be thrilled to get that opportunity again. I am very sorry and disappointed that it happened, and I wish I had done more to prevent it.”

Rogen had initially stated that Watson left a scene including Danny McBride as a cannibal and Channing Tatum on a leash.

He included that the 2 “agreed on her not being in the scene together,” and have a great relationship today.

Jobber Wiki author Frank Long contributed to this report.