Sega’s new colognes make you smell like a Yakuza or, uh, Sonic

Sega is understood for releasing a number of renowned computer game series, however the brand name is branching off to a brand-new and unanticipated item: perfume. I need to confess, I never ever believed I required player perfume, however on the other hand — wouldn’t it be great to smell like Kiryu from the Yakuza franchise, or uh… Sonic the Hedgehog?

There are presently 3 perfumes, each developed by Numskull Styles. The “Bourbon and Smoke” perfume, influenced by Yakuza, has scent notes of ancient oak, cedarwood, beeswax imbued with smoky bourbon, leathery increased, and pimiento. It’s referred to as a “deep and mysterious smell,” and it sounds quite attractive.

Fans of the Shenmue video games may choose the “Tobacco and Gold” perfume, which has notes of cardamom, bergamot, golden tobacco, orris, sage, patchouli and is developed to odor “rebellious and addictive.”

Last, however absolutely not least, is the Sonic scent. This is implied to be less what Sonic smells like, I presume, due to the fact that the item description simply states that Sonic offered this his “seal of approval.” The perfume has notes of fresh citrus, grapefruit enthusiasm, lemon and lime, melon fade, leather, suede, cedar, and “an ocean breeze.”

It’s constantly intriguing to see the twists and turns of main computer game product. In some cases it’s some great clothing, or a statue, and in some cases it’s something a little bit more out-of-the-box, like a perfume. With the vacations showing up, you may be trying to find a present, and if you understand somebody who desires a Sonic-approved odor, this is most likely the very best location to begin.

Anyhow, the perfumes are not the strangest cross-over that Sega has actually done; just recently, Kiryu appeared as a playable character in Super Monkey Ball Banana Mania.

Jobber Wiki author Frank Long contributed to this report.