Sea of Thieves’ new mission could tease the game’s new big bad

Sea of Burglars is altering in the brand-new year, with the video game’s typical upgrade schedule disappearing in favor of seasons. On Monday, the authorities Sea of Burglars Twitter account published a tradition teaser that establishes a brand-new type of objective in-game … and mean the possible arrival of a long time tradition opponent that might actually shake the seas up.

The note is composed to Larinna, the agent of the Bilge Rats, the faction which offers limited-time missions and describes occasions to gamers. The Merchant Alliance remains in “grave danger,” Chief Trader Mollie alerts, with their ships going missing out on upon the seas. Mollie asks if “The Grand Maritime Union [has] some part to play in these catastrophes.”

The Grand Maritime Union is Sea of Burglars’ in-game comparable to the East India Business and other huge trade corporations established by England as it colonized substantial swathes of the world. The Sea of Burglars comics discuss that the whole Grand Maritime Union fleet cannot get in the video game world due to the fog that shrouds the Sea of Burglars from everybody else. Nevertheless, if they did appear, it’s quite clear they wouldn’t appreciate the pirate business and our shenanigans, so they would be a significant villain. Now that pirates have actually fought the forces of Lord Flameheart, Rare might be establishing a brand-new huge bad.

Gamers will have the ability to check out these secrets with the brand-new objective type for the Merchant Alliance. We’ll play investigators searching down lost deliveries worldwide. This brand-new objective type will release with season one. Unusual means to debut more information on the seasons and their format in the coming days, consisting of how long each season will last, and the specific benefits gamers can make from the Plunder Pass.

Jobber Wiki author Frank Long contributed to this report.