Scuffle leads to season-ending ejection for West Boca player

PALM BEACH COUNTY, Fla. — Numerous gamers were ejected from a high school football video game Monday after a scuffle broke out in between West Boca Raton Neighborhood High School and Coral Springs High School.

“They played dirty a little bit,” West Boca Raton gamer Chris Kelly stated of his challenger.

Monday’s video game in between the West Boca Raton Bulls and Coral Springs was chippy from the start. Kelly stated that, by the 4th quarter, his group had actually had enough.

“One of the kids went to go tackle a kid around the neck, so one of my friends, Logan, pushed the kid,” he stated.

Logan was ejected from the video game, however so was Kelly. The video reveals that Kelly wasn’t even in the location where the scuffle happened. His ejection is having a causal sequence on his sports.

Chris Kelly, West Boca Raton football player suspended for rest of season


West Boca Raton Neighborhood High School football gamer Chris Kelly is out for the remainder of the season after an in-game brawl.

“I’m out the rest of the season here and then the two games of the basketball season,” he stated.

WPTV called the Florida High School Athletic Association about the ejections however did not get a reply.

“The referees, to me, didn’t handle the game as fairly as it needed to be handled,” West Boca athletic director and coach Andrae Rowe stated.

He comprehends the ejection of among his gamers for pressing, however the ejection of Kelly, he stated, makes no sense.

“It’s unfortunate for him, but we are going through the appeals,” Rowe stated. “But, usually, with the appeal, it takes so long.”

Andrae Rowe, West Boca Raton football coach talks about Chris Kelly's appeal


Andrae Rowe, West Boca Raton Neighborhood High School’s football coach and athletic director, states they are appealing Chris Kelly’s suspension with the FHSAA.

Ted Kelly stated it’s not cool that his boy will miss out on the homecoming video game and miss out on playing time.

“You never know when there’s a scout out there, and he plays every position on the team,” he stated.

Since of his suspension, Chris Kelly can just hang with his colleagues prior to video games in the locker space. Once they struck the field, he needs to being in the stands and watch.

Jobber Wiki author Frank Long contributed to this report.