Science Fiction imagining the future in 2021

What does the future hold? In a time of what can look like consistent strife and unpredictability, the concern ends up being much more immediate. And as constantly, sci-fi writers have actually envisioned the responses — and continue to do so through the most rough times.

In our restored Sci-fi Week, Polygon restores its collection of sci-fi stories to as soon as again take a look at how modern-day books, motion pictures, TELEVISION, and video games hypothesize on what’s to come, and the brand-new voices who extend their creativities through time to envision it. Yes, there are pillars of the category that might never ever fall out of style (the charm of setting a story centuries in the future), however in 2020, there’s an entire brand-new batch of sci-fi penetrating the fantastic unidentified.

What are the brand-new guidelines of sci-fi? How are writers rewiring timeless tropes to be more immediate and reflective of our present? How are the stories these days forming the world of tomorrow? Throughout our series, we’ll check out robot-filled societies of Earth, the far reaches of area, and even our own concrete future, as IRL innovators attempt to make dreams a truth. From dystopias to paradises and whatever in-between, this is Polygon’s take a look at our next future.

Jobber Wiki author Frank Long contributed to this report.