San Diego Flood Restoration

Super Dry San Diego Flood restoration has taken my breath away. My friends and I had been invited to help them with their cleanup, but after seeing what they do I couldn’t help but feel like I was in the middle of a real-life, real-time event of some kind.


This was our first visit to Super Dry and I thought it would be an amazing experience. Thank you Olivia for coming up with the amazing response to my request!


The whole thing took place in just a few days. Our first visit lasted over a week because Olivia and her crew had a hard time packing everything away into the truck for storage. If you were looking to see a true San Diego flood restoration company, one that cares more about the environment than saving money, one that takes pride in their work, one that is truly passionate about making things right again, this is the company you need to know.


I’ve traveled to San Diego many times, especially around the Bay. I’ve seen what a huge impact it can have on our city’s economy. I know the damage that flooding can take from both natural and human sources and know it can create long-term, even devastating, problems.


However, I have never been able to afford professional San Diego flood restoration. I live in Michigan and I don’t even have a local flood insurance policy, let alone one of such high quality. There is no way that I can afford the cost of a repair. I didn’t even want to think about how much I was going to have to pay for someone to come out to my home and inspect it after a flood had caused it to deteriorate beyond repair.


In a perfect world, I’d like to believe Super Dry would do everything they can to make it possible for me to live in my dream home again in San Diego. It would be nice to have it rebuilt and redone by the pros again. But in reality, the reality is that they only work in this area in order to make a profit. They’re not there to provide a solution or anything close to one.


I hope that somewhere down the line, someday Super-Dry will realize that they need to use their marketing dollars in a more efficient and effective manner if they want to survive to compete with the other water restoration companies that offer such a service. Water restoration in San Diego isn’t cheap! And that’s the problem.


I hope that Super-Dry will finally wake up and realize that they need to invest the time and resources into doing more things to get the word out about their service before they can expect people to come to their doors to help them clean up after their own flooding. Please consider all this.


You know, I went out of my way to build a business with a name that has nothing to do with a company called Super Dry, but I realized that it was a mistake to do so. I am a firm believer that people should know the truth, so I’m going to tell you now.


The truth is that Super Dry is nothing more than a scam and nothing more than a bunch of liars trying to get more money out of unsuspecting people. I know because I’ve been fooled before and you can probably be as well.


If you are looking for a San Diego flood restoration company that offers truly professional services, the best way to find them is to do a search online on the Better Business Bureau.