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When Sable is accepted into Amadronia Magic Academy, he thinks that his imagine ending up being a world-renowned magic scientist is lastly within his grasp.

Sadly for Sable, his very first day at Amadronia rapidly shows to him that this will not hold true. Play as Sable, a hopeful magic scientist, as he gets drawn into the lives and problems of his demi-human schoolmates.

Will Sable handle to endure at this plainly inefficient academy?

* 6 primary beast lady heroines with 5 divergent paths
* 400k word count with lots of options to be made
* 16 various endings affected by your options
* Consists of a path map for envisioning your options and the course you've taken
* Checkpoints on the path map let you reboot the video game from essential choices, even if you didn't conserve
* All initial art work and music made particularly for this video game

Item Details:
Designer: Zetsubou Games
Publisher: Gamuzumi
Site: Sable’s Grimoire
Twitter: @zetsubougames@gamuzumi

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