Russian activist Navalny’s foundation calls on Biden to sanction Putin’s closest allies

Navalny’s Anti-Corruption Structure (FBK) stated it had actually sent a more comprehensive list of 35 individuals in overall in a letter dealt with to Biden, dated Friday, with 8 called on a “priority shortlist.” The letter states 7 of the 35 people are currently on United States sanctions lists.

The relocation comes ahead of across the country demonstrations prepared this weekend in assistance of Navalny, who is being kept in detention ahead of a court hearing next week.

In a copy of the letter gotten by CNN, Russian billionaire Roman Abramovich is called on the “priority shortlist,” for what FBK refers to as being an essential enabler and a supposed recipient of “Kremlin kleptocracy.” Abramovich is the owner of English Premier League soccer club Chelsea. A representative for Abramovich stated in an e-mail declaration to CNN that “there is no basis for such claims which are entirely without foundation.”

Russian Health Minister Mikhail Murashko is likewise called for supposedly “covering up” Navalny’s poisoning and “hindering efforts” to leave the Russian opposition leader to Germany for medical treatment. CNN has actually connected to the Russian Health Ministry for remark.

FBK executive director Vladimir Ashurkov, who signed the letter, informed CNN on Saturday that the structure was contacting the United States to put pressure on Putin to launch Navalny.

“The letter is addressed to the President of the United States — the most powerful country. [The US] has a history of imposing sanctions on people who are involved in corruption. If anyone can do anything, it is the USA,” Ashurkov informed CNN.

The letter seen by CNN states Navalny for many years has actually required sanctions versus people who he states are essential to “aiding and abetting” Putin in the “persecution” of those who “seek to express their opinions freely and expose corruption in the [Russian] system,” including that existing sanctions do not target “enough of the right people.”

“The West must sanction the decision makers who have made it national policy to rig elections, steal from the budget, and poison. It must also sanction the people who hold their money.” The letter continues: “anything less will fail to make the regime change its behavior.”

Ashurkov stated he and Navalny had actually dealt with the list of 35 Russians prior to Navalny went back to Russia from Germany previously this month, at first concentrating on the primary 8.

In the letter, the list of 35 individuals is divided into 3 groups:

  • “Oligarchs upon whom Putin has bestowed wealth and power, and who wield it on behalf of the regime;”
  • “Human rights abusers and those who suppress fundamental civil and political freedoms;”
  • “Individuals specifically involved in persecution of Navalny and our organization.”

“We didn’t want to make this list public until we did the full dossier on them. But after his [Navalny’s] arrest we knew we had to act,” Ashurkov informed CNN.

Opposition leader Alexey Navalny appears via video link during a court hearing on January 28 of an appeal against his arrest.

Navalny was apprehended on January 17, minutes after showing up in Moscow following months of treatment in Germany after being poisoned in August 2020 with nerve representative Novichok.

Yulia Navalnaya's husband was poisoned and detained. Now she is piling pressure on Vladimir Putin

He’s presently in custody ahead of a court hearing on February 2 where a court will choose whether his suspended sentence on scams charges in a 2014 embezzlement case must be transformed into a prison term due to what Russian authorities state is the offense of the regards to his suspended sentence.

The letter mentions that the 8 shortlisted people are of “particular priority.” They were gone over with Navalny quickly prior to he boarded the airplane to take a trip back to Moscow, Ashurkov stated.

Ashurkov stated Navalny’s group prepares to send the exact same demand to the European Union and to the UK federal government.

In an interview previously today with CNN, previous oligarch Mikhail Khodorkovsky, who served more than ten years in a Russian prison after he fell out with Putin for highlighting main corruption, likewise stated the brand-new United States administration need to take the worldwide result in make certain his fate does not likewise befall Navalny.

Speaking from exile in London, Khodorkovsky stated individual sanctions need to be enforced by Biden and others in the West on those closest to Putin, instead of broad sectoral sanctions.

Khodorkovsky stated targeting Putin’s entourage would be very uncomfortable for the Russian President and would impact the stability of his power.

CNN’s Anna Chernova added to this report.

Jobber Wiki author Frank Long contributed to this report.