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Rumbleverse Battle Royale to the Xbox One and the Xbox Series X/S is coming to the Xbox One and the Xbox Series X/S

Rumbleverse is an exclusive battle rifle game created by the makers of the Killer Instinct (Iron Galaxy Studios) and Fortnite. This client is available for free via Xbox One, Xbox One and other live platforms. The reloadable extension will take place across multiple platforms.

The Rumbleverse takes place in a city of Grapital, where champions build a memorial to the amazing tradition of melee fighting. Every person who goes to this city dreams of becoming the last survivor of the Battle. You’ll come and join them. A round of 40 players is a key to this new competitive experience.

Create your own unique character. Call to get the gun fired from the gun. Find a landing zone in the streets or an ice-cutter, to look for a new weapon and upgrades.

Rumbleverse is available a totally free PC, on Xbox One, the Xbox SX, the PlayStation 4/5 and the Xbox Xbox. We didn’t know Russian. Supports playplay on all platform.

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