Ruined King: A League Of Legends Story Is Now Available For Xbox One And Xbox Series X|S

Get the following downloadable material when acquiring the Destroyed King: A League of Legends Story™ – Deluxe Edition

– Messed Up Skin Variations for all playable Champions: Miss Fortune, Illaoi, Braum, Yasuo, Ahri, & Pyke
– Lost & Found Weapon Load
– Ruination Beginner Load

Purchase the Deluxe Edition prior to December 16, 2021 to likewise get the following:
– Release special Manamune Sword for Yasuo.

Increase Versus Ruin
Join a celebration of League of Legends Champions, check out Bilgewater and set sail for the Shadow Isles to reveal the tricks of the fatal Black Mist.

Established by Airship Distribute and including the art design of famous comics artist Joe Madureira, developers of Fight Chasers and Darksiders, Messed Up King: A League of Legends Story is the very first Riot Forge video game that welcomes you to check out the League of Legends universe. In this immersive turn-based RPG, you will have the liberty to configure your celebration and manage a not likely group of League of Legends champs, check out the busy city of Bilgewater and the strange Shadow Isles, and experience the Lane Effort System.

Secret Includes
An intro to Runeterra: Start checking out the abundant tradition of League of Legends and the amazing stories of the Champions.
Construct your own celebration: Forge various methods by configuring your celebration of champs and integrating brand-new capabilities.
Experience the Lane Effort System: Select your technique for each opponent encounter and alter the course of the fight by tweaking the speed of your actions, responding to ecological occasions or customizing the results of your capabilities.

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