Rodent Warriors Is Now Available For Xbox One And Xbox Series X|S

Rodent Warriors is an impressive 2D rogue-like rpg / idle / indie / retro video game… about rodents!


– Mouse – Scout
– Capybara – Knight
– Porcupine – Barbarian
– Beaver – Wizard
– Rat – Necromancer
– Weasel – Swashbuckler
– Every rodent has distinct abilities which get more powerful as you utilize them
– Every rodent hero has a unique back story
– Every rodent hero has a unique list of obstacles that restrict their power


– Power development mechanic based upon reincarnation
– Whenever a hero is beat, subsequent heroes will be enabled perks
– By conquering obstacles all future heroes have an even higher capacity to be more effective


– 7 mission zones
– Forest
– Desert
– Jungle
– Snow
– Jungle
– Mountain
– Meadow
– Parallax scrolling environments
– Interactive discussions with various Missions readily available depending upon your development
– Happen within a labyrinth
– Mini map
– Fog of war
– Dynamic lighting with day / night cycle


– 50+ Opponents, consisting of managers
– Each opponent has actually distinct statistics based upon their category
– Tanky (Bonus offer health)
– Vicious (Bonus offer damage)
– Speedster (Bonus offer relocation speed)
– Hyper (Bonus offer attack speed)
– Solidified (Bonus offer defense)
– Accurate (Bonus offer attack precision)
– Have various capabilities
– Charge – Runs towards the Hero and does damage on effect
– Varied Attack – Fires projectiles
– Varied Bomber – Lobs projectiles that do harm on effect
– Modification Sides – Modification from left side of Hero to best side or vice versa
– Protector – Takes less damage and obstructs projectiles
– Berserk mode – 3 fast attacks
– Toxin attack – Gradually drains pipes the Hero’s health
– Heavy attack – A slower attack that does huge damage
– Focused attack – A targeted attack that is most likely to strike
– Heal – Heals an ally
– Restore – Gets up a fallen ally
– Opponents move inside the labyrinth
– Opponents generate just in appropriate earth area, e.g. Elephants just in Asia or Africa


– Craft products from products gotten by beating opponents
– Crafted products differ in power
– Impressive and Famous products
– More Impressive and Famous products
– Impressive and Famous products have distinct residential or commercial properties
– Each legendary and famous product has a unique back story
– The more products you craft, the more effective they end up being
– Conserve products as the ‘Ancient Antiques’ to be readily available to the next hero
– Capability to enhance crafted products by including “”Signs””


– Initial musical structures


– A “”legend story”” that unfolds as you make development in the video game
– End video game scenes in timeless retro video game design that can be found after numerous hours of video game play


– Control the video game as much or as low as you desire!”

Jobber Wiki author Frank Long contributed to this report.