Rita Moreno shares how ‘West Side Story’ changed her life

It’s another turning point for Moreno, quickly 90, who increased to popularity for her function as Anita in the initial musical movie in 1961. Her efficiency in the movie likewise made her an Academy Award for finest supporting starlet.
Moreno appeared on “60 Minutes” on Sunday to speak about the brand-new “West Side Story,” her life, durability and love.

Moreno is likewise among the unusual Hollywood stars to be an an EGOT winner; along with the an Oscar from “West Side Story,” she won an Emmy for her efficiency on “The Muppet Show,” a Grammy from “The Electric Company,” and a Tony for “The Ritz.”

She states she ended up being a star since she worked more difficult — and longer — than anybody else.

“I never stopped rehearsing. In fact, somebody told me recently that they were a dance extra on the mambo at the gym scene. And one of the girls turned to her when we had ten minutes off, and she says, ‘Look at Rita Moreno. She’s still rehearsing.'” she states, “That’s what you have to do to become a star.”

Rita Moreno shines in the documentary 'Just a Girl Who Decided to Go For It'

In spite of her skill, she still had insecurities, she stated, originating from being raped as a teenager when she initially concerned Hollywood and the bigotry she experienced.

“I grew up filled with self-loathing because I was a Puerto Rican. When you’re little, you’re told you’re not worth anything, you believe it,” she stated, including, “I want women to know that all the awards in the world will never make up for the things I have experienced in my life. The be-all and end-all is respect and self-respect which took me a long time to earn.”

Moreno likewise discussed her relationship with Marlon Brando. Brando was wed when Moreno got pregnant with his infant. She stated he pushed her to have an abortion and she tried suicide after.

“What I was really trying to do was kill that bad side of me that kept going back to him. That bad woman who didn’t respect me, who was me, another side of me,” she stated.

6 months later on, she landed “West Side Story” and the movie altered her life.

“Anita, the one who had a sense of herself. A sense of dignity. And I had to portray that. And it felt really good,” she stated.

In the brand-new motion picture, Moreno plays Valentina, the partner of the late of Doc, the sweet-shop owner in the initial.

“West Side Story” will be launched on Dec. 10.

Jobber Wiki author Frank Long contributed to this report.