Rip Them Off Is Now Available For Xbox One And Xbox Series X|S

Rip Them Off is a minimalistic brand-new puzzle video game of financial management and tower defense. The Board requires its earnings, and it’s up to you to line the streets with stores the masses can’t withstand. Select your places, select your shops and make enough to advance up the business ladder with its progressively hard difficulties!

— Message from the board —

Invite [New Hire Name Here]. We’re proud¹ to have you as the latest member² of our [Product Name Here] sales group. Here at [Subsidiary Company Name Here] we’re passionately devoted to [Vague Passionate Commitment Here] and we understand you are too³.

Here at [Company Name] we’re everything about providing individuals what they desire, and what they desire is [Product Name] (the advertisement kids have actually seen to that!⁴).

As an important member of our [Company] family⁵ this is where you are available in.

¹ Any assertion of pride is simply performative and does not show the Board’s viewpoint of private workers
² Unless otherwise mentioned brand-new workers will be described as “Office Drone”
³ Please see Requirement Staff member Agreement area 11b Subsection 12: “Your New Personal Opinions”
⁴ Any recommendation of customer control by [Company Name] marketing practices is simply theoretical
⁵ [Company Name] is an authorized corporation and not a familial system. Please see Staff member Agreement area 154a, “Knowing Your {Lack Of} Rights”

Optimizing earnings and pleasing the board will need preparation. In each city, make use of suspiciously* empty places and produce an unavoidable labyrinth of retail chances the masses just won’t have the ability to decline!
*not suspicious at all

Those shops aren’t gonna develop themselves*! Ensure to prioritise your making prospective by handling your budget plan: purchase the best shops in the best places at the best cost.
*Self-building shops can be found in [Unobtainable Release Date Here]!

When you develop it, they will come. And keep coming! However it’ll take more than one place to please the Board’s rapid profiteering*. Combine locations and store types to really take them for all they’re worth and open up exciting new opportunities around the world!
*Year on year growth is currently set at a more-than-reasonable 3015%

Choose your place, pick your shops, offer individuals what they desire. And naturally, don’t forget to…

Rip them off!

— Awards and acknowledgment —
• “TIGA Games Industry Awards 2020” Finalist for finest puzzle video game & finest method video game
• “GDC Summer 2020” Art work picked at GDC Artists gallery

— Press Quotes —
• “With a gorgeous visual aesthetic, a jazzy soundtrack, and smart puzzle-play, it’s hard to find too much fault with Rip Them Off” – Pocket Techniques
• “With a minimalist 1960s art style, a capitalist-sceptic theme, and jazzy soundtrack it’s got style” –
• “Rip Them Off functions a gorgeous, minimalistic visual” – The Player

Jobber Wiki author Frank Long contributed to this report.