Riot teases new League of Legends champions coming in 2022 season

Riot Games might have simply exposed League of Legends’ latest champ previously today, however there are constantly more champs on the horizon. Throughout the video game’s Season 2022 opening-day livestream, Riot teased 3 more champs that are on their method to League in the future.

The very first champ is going to be an Enchanter-style assistance. Enchanter assistances have actually generally been brilliant and whimsical characters, so Riot is changing things up by developing somebody a little darker and more enormous. According to the teaser, this champ is a behind-the-scenes manager who’s constantly in control. To accompany that puzzling tip, Riot likewise exposed a picture of a strange hand getting onto what appears like a metal shoulder.

A mysterious hand on a metal shoulder from League of Legends

Image: Riot Games

The next champ expose was a bit less standard as Ryan Mireles, League of Legends’ lead champ manufacturer and the host for this section of the stream, got “possessed” by some sort of animal who started speaking about a purple city and a queen. All of it appeared in line with other champs from Runeterra’s Space, however we don’t understand much about this one, besides that they are a jungler.

Lastly, in the most unclear expose of all, Mireles pointed out “a new, very mysterious, non-traditional bot lane champion who we’ll be whipping out later this year,” which was accompanied by this not-too-informative image.

A new bot lane champion teaser for League of Legends

Image: Riot Games

While all of these champs are set to come out at some point throughout League of Legends’ 2022 season, Mireles likewise stated throughout the stream that Riot’s concern stays on making champs that are enjoyable, polished, and total, which the designer won’t think twice to postpone a champ if they don’t feel they’re all set yet.

Jobber Wiki author Frank Long contributed to this report.