Rick and Morty cross over with Rainbow Six Siege, for some reason

For beginners, yes, Rick and Morty changeover with Rainbow 6 Siege in a cosmetic package readily available tomorrow. However why? Well, since of the operators they’ve selected for their skins, it offers everybody the chance to state “Smoke Pickle Rick,” a wonderful double entendre that the character no doubt authorizes of.

Smoke Pickle Rick (at left, above) is signed up with by Sledge Gromflomite (right, we believe) in a cosmetic package readily available Thursday. These skins represent the Protector Smoke, and Aggressor Sledge (both canonically coming from the U.K.’s Unique Air Service, if that is for some factor substantial).

Sledge gets “all the items needed to survive breaches and defend galaxies,” states Ubisoft. This indicates he has a Gromflomite uniform and headgear, a Federation Defense accessory skin, a weapon skin for the M590A1, and the “Seal Team Rick” beauty (the dangle seen at right, above).

Smoke’s getup doesn’t appear like a pickle at all. Rather it’s “the infamous gear that helped Rick survive the sewers and avoid therapy,” states Ubi, which indicates Smoke is using rat body parts. He likewise gets a Portal Weapon accessory skin, a weapon skin, and the Pickle Rick Appeal (leftmost beauty, above).

Previous Rainbow 6 Siege crossovers have actually been more orthodox — Sam Fisher from Splinter Cell, or Lara Croft from Burial Place Raider. However Ubisoft Montreal did offer a shout-out to their pals at Nomada Studio with a Gris-themed weapon skin at the end of 2019.

Each package is 2,160 R6 Credits; Ubisoft offers 2,670 R6 Credits for $19.99, so think about whether you truly wish to dress up like a rat or an insectoid for when you’re taking a seat for some major group techniques shooter time.

Jobber Wiki author Frank Long contributed to this report.