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Revolutionary Teen Driver Technology Can Save Lives

Even with automobile safety features, we cannot help but worry about our teens’ driving safety. Teen driving is the number one cause of death for teenagers. 7.8% of all fatal crashes are among teen drivers, who make up about 4% of the overall percentage of total drivers. A recent study conducted in 2022 in the US found that the fatal crash rate per mile driven for 16 to 19 years old is nearly three times the rate for drivers ages 20 and over, with the risk being the highest for ages 16 to 17.

Some factors predispose teens to the dangers of being involved in road traffic accidents, including inexperienced driving, distracted driving, especially by phones and friends in the car, failure to use seat belts, and drunk driving. Even though we might feel as if they are grown up enough to be driving alone at this age, we can’t help but be anxious, wondering whether they will be safe on the roads.

As a parent, you are at the forefront of ensuring your teen drives safely. One way you can do this is by taking the opportunity to raise awareness with your teen on the importance of road safety and accountability. In addition, with the growth of technology, there is now a revolutionary teen driver safety product, How’s My Teen Driver. This new technology provides parents instant feedback on their teen’s driving.

We all want our kids to be safe on the roads, which is what How’s My Teen Driver is doing. They add a layer of otherwise impossible protection and guarantee you feel safe knowing their every move. They believe we can only reduce teen driving deaths if we only make them accountable. With How’s My Teen Driver, a teen will know that other drivers can report their driving behavior and that accountability helps them make better driving decisions.

Initially, How’s My Teen Driver began as a bumper sticker company and has grown to become a teen safety company. They focused on kids who could be in danger but broadened to all aspects of teen safety. A safety-first company, How’s My Teen Driver, was founded on the idea that teens need some freedom, but not unlimited freedom. The company’s team believes that your teens’ freedom requires extra accountability as they form lifelong driving habits.

To get My Teen Driver, you begin by going to their online store, choosing to enroll, and then proceeding to checkout. After checking out, you add a few important details to create your child’s unique account and decide how you would like to receive notifications and shipping information for your bumper sticker. They immediately ship out your teen’s stickers and activate your account. Once the stickers arrive in the mail, place them in prominent locations on your car, so you can get information about your teen’s driving.

How’s My Teen Driver works with major insurance companies, court systems, school teams, and driving schools. Their ultimate goal is to help teen drivers embrace the principle of safe driving through positive feedback. Although it wasn’t easy for them to first gain parents’ trust, they made it clear that they were acting as a safety net for all teenage drivers.

How’s My Teen Driver’s smart feedback loop has made them the number one teen safety company. The company aspires to be on every road in America and grow to become a household name.

Protect your kids and create a safe environment for them as they roam the world by purchasing MTD (My Teen Driver) today! For more information, you can get in touch here.

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