Restaurant at The Atlas

Guy Fieri isn’t your ordinary cookbook author. He has an interesting profile of life, his book is a collection of stories, recipes, and vignettes. Guy Fieri is not only a man who loves food but also a man who loves great stories.

The third part of the Atlas was written by a restaurant critic who worked at a Tuscan Restaurant in Las Vegas called The Atlas. With another of his restaurants, the Table, I was able to find out more about the man and the places he has been. The book is a series of vignettes from the past, each one being illustrated by a photograph taken by a fellow employee of Guy Fieri’s travels. Each one is full of heart and great food.

Many of the stories involve a restaurant owner who had a personal experience with Guy Fieri and decided to tell it to his employees. In one story, a waitress who admired his cooking decides to give it a try. While her local customers will never taste the real thing, she discovers that there is something special about the raw food he serves.

What’s so amazing about all these stories is that none of them is written from the point of view of a restaurateur. They are from the point of view of a waitress who simply wanted to give a new restaurant something to aspire to be like. Guy Fieri does not really discuss the food he serves or how he cooks it. We learn more about his travels from a brief vignette.

Many of the stories involve the people who own the restaurants the waitress worked for, so it’s good to know the tone and theme of each story is different. The Restaurant at The Atlas has a big family tradition of cooking and in most of the stories the waitress is the granddaughter of the original owner. It is a family-owned restaurant, with lots of history and great food.

Another story, the Gourmet Gone High Life, is about a well-known Las Vegas restaurant named Carne asada. I’d been told by a co-worker of Guy Fieri’s that this is one of the hottest dishes in town. It’s a story about Guy Fieri talking about his favorite dish, his only serviceable Mercedes and he and some of his men to hit the strip club Mac Daddy’s together. It’s a story of the adventures in Vegas, we’ve come to expect.

He also tells of his new restaurant called “Blues,” which is an homage to blues musicians. This is definitely an American type of restaurant. The menu includes items like a Smokey Chicken Sandwich and “Gumbo.” These are recipes from a guy who knows how to cook. A visit to this restaurant with Guy Fieri and his wife, Ashley is what got me started on writing this book.

This restaurant was one of my favorites. I even had it pegged as Guy Fieri’s next restaurant. So I went there with Ashley, and it was another great experience. We shared many meals there and I enjoyed talking to him.

During our conversation I learned how Guy Fieri spends most of his time when he’s not traveling. His biggest pleasures are during weekends when he gets to relax and enjoy some of the best food in Vegas. This was the chef’s attempt to capture that feeling.

In the series, The Gourmet he describes an experience where he and his girlfriend go to a steakhouse for the first time. The waitress there recalls the special occasion and tells us of the dishes that go into the mix. The waitress tells us how the waitress always remembers the special occasions.

The best meal we had in the restaurant is called The Burger Bash. The waitress describes it as one of Guy Fieri’s favorite burgers. It is a burger with grilled onions, American cheese, lettuce, tomatoes, cheese, a dressing made with a secret blend of spices, and it is cooked over hardwood logs. It’s a burger that is likely to make you faint after you eat it’s absolutely incredible.