Resident Evil Village’s Ethan Winters doesn’t deserve all this hand pain

Ethan Winters has it quite rough. Not just did he have his left hand chainsawed off by his then-girlfriend Mia in Homeowner Evil 7 (and usually suffer through the terrible occasions of that video game), he loses his spouse and kid at the start of Homeowner Evil Town. Plus, Capcom appears intent on utilizing Ethan’s hands for unjustified abuse pornography throughout the occasions of Town.

Rubbing salt in the wound, now the web is teasing Ethan for continuously getting his hands sliced off, chewed off, slashed, and stabbed. It comes with the area when you’re a first-person lead character in a Local Evil video game, I expect.

[Warning: Spoilers for Resident Evil Village follow. There’s also some horror movie gore in here.]

In the very first couple of hours of Town, Ethan catches the following hand-related injury:

  • A Lycan bites off 2 of Ethan’s fingers and part of his left hand
  • Girl Dimitrescu slices open his hand to get a taste of his blood
  • The Dimitrescu children hang Ethan up on hooks by his hands (and he pulls himself complimentary by ripping them out of his palms in the most uncomfortable method possible)
  • Girl Dimitrescu cuts his right-hand man tidy off!

Throughout 2 video games, Ethan has actually had BOTH of his hands severed and recovered complete usage of each, in part thanks to Homeowner Evil’s wonderful recovery herbs. Ethan merely needs to soak his hands in Emergency treatment Medication, a wonder sauce that not just recovers skin, muscle, and bone, however likewise repair work sleeves(?). It’s a cure-all, generally.

Poor Ethan’s hands have actually given that ended up being limitless meme fodder for Homeowner Evil gamers.

A minimum of Ethan’s suffering all this hand-related injury for exceptional factors! He might not be “smart” however he is … relentless.

Jobber Wiki author Frank Long contributed to this report.