Resident Evil Village walkthrough, guides, and tips

Citizen Evil Town shows up triumphantly in 2021, crossing console generations and putting bad Ethan Winters through Hell in Romania.

In Polygon’s RE Town walkthroughs, we’ll take you through every action of the Gothic horror-inspired project. We made the type of guides that we want we had when we began playing. You’ll understand where to go and what to get along the method (and feel great that you don’t miss out on anything).

If you’re like us, then you’re trying to find secrets, puzzle services, lock mixes, where to go next, or how to obtain whatever treasure those wells are concealing. Polygon’s RE8 guides are here to assist you along every action of Ethan’s journey.


Whether you’re a Citizen EVIL veteran or a newbie, our Citizen Evil Town novice’s guide will assist you with ideas on whatever from saving ammunition to expedition to landing life-saving (and -ending) headshots.


As soon as you’re playing Citizen Evil Town, we have walkthroughs for every single area of the video game. We’ll consist of every piece of ammunition, lei, treasure, and crafting product you can gather, along with essential products (like the Iron Insignia Secret), lock mixes, and puzzle services. At any time there’s a manager battle, we’ll offer you ideas to assist you endure.

Begin here with the intro and Ethan’s arrival to the town.

Jobber Wiki author Frank Long contributed to this report.