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Regional Meeting on Strengthening People Centered Mental Health Care and Community-Based Mental Health Networks in the South-East Asia Region

To accelerate implementation of the articles of the Paro Declaration on Universal Access to People-centered Mental Health Care and Services to prioritize addressing mental health, adopted by the Member States at the  75th Regional Committee in September 2022, the Mental Health and Substance Abuse Unit of the Department of Healthier Populations and Noncommunicable diseases conducted the “Regional Meeting for the Development of WHO South-East Asia Region Mental Health Action Plan 2023-2030” from 3–5 April 2023 in Bangkok, Thailand. Mental health focal points and other representatives of Member States, mental health experts and representatives from WHO collaborating centers and the non-government sector participated at this meeting where the Mental Health Action Plan for WHO South-East Asia Region 2023-2030 was finalized.


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