Reds’ decisions part of a disturbing trend in MLB

Sep 14, 2021; Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA; Cincinnati Reds starting pitcher Wade Miley (22) delivers against the Pittsburgh Pirates during the first inning at PNC Park. Mandatory Credit: Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

Sep 14, 2021; Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, U.S.A.; Cincinnati Reds beginning pitcher Wade Miley (22) provides versus the Pittsburgh Pirates throughout the very first inning at PNC Park. Compulsory Credit: Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

The offseason isn’t even a month old and it has actually currently been a long, dismal winter season for Reds fans.

Simply 2 months earlier, the group remained in the thick of the NL Wild Card race. It ended with a crash that would measure up to the worst days of Wall Street, however a minimum of there was lastly something to welcome.

This is a group that ought to be intending to enhance for another run in 2022. A couple of changes, especially in the bullpen, and this would still be a group to take seriously next year. In some way, for factors we’re just delegated hypothesize, they have actually taken the polar opposite technique.

In the period of 10 days the group has actually traded its Gold Glove catcher in Tucker Barnhart, decreased a group choice on its most constant beginning pitcher in Wade Miley — who then went to the competing Cubs — and saw its finest right-handed player pull out of his agreement. That would be Nick Castellanos, the Silver Slugger Award winner in ideal field who was an MVP prospect for much of 2021.

Barnhart, with Tyler Stephenson primed to enter a significant function, wasn’t anticipated back at $7.5 million. Castellanos expectedly pulled out to check the marketplace with 2 years left on his offer; now the group has an opportunity to contend for his services. Waiving Miley, who had a hard time late in the year, was absolutely nothing more than a cost-cutting step.

Sam Blackburn

Sam Blackburn

More make sure to come. There were several reports from the yearly GM conferences last weekend that anybody making substantial income is up for trade. That covers a great deal of bases, most significantly leading beginners Luis Castillo and Sonny Gray.

If this were a motion picture, it would be Texas Chainsaw Massacre. If it were non-fiction, it would be a truth series directly from the house of Jeffery Dahmer. This is a straight-up slice job, and all fans can do is sit and enjoy the carnage unfold.

If you’re a baseball fan, especially among a group like Reds, Indians or Pirates, possibilities are you have actually had enough of restoring, retooling or reallocating. It’s all code for “we don’t have to try to win, so we won’t.”

When it comes to the Indians and Pirates, they have actually merely been low-cost. Both ranked in the bottom 5 in league payroll in 2021. The Reds have actually simply been completely mishandled, turning the cash they invested into a half-hearted playoff run in 2021. Then they knocked their fingers while shutting their window of winning.

When Scott Boras, long-hated MLB extremely representative, stated at the GM conferences that the league has a problematic system that promotes tanking, he wasn’t lying. He believed that the Braves won the World Series, beating groups with greater payrolls at the same time, due to the fact that they had the ability to cherry-pick 5 castoffs — Adam Duvall, Eddie Rosario and Jorge Soler amongst them — from other groups disposing income at the trade due date.

Had actually those groups been major about winning, in his mind, those gamers would not have actually been offered. The Reds, with a much better record than Atlanta as late as Sept 1, chosen to rest on their properties and make a run, as they should. Now they are among those groups primed for the selecting.

The issue, is it’s people like Boras who are partially to blame. Boras is the representative who has actually customized numerous offers that have actually permanently altered the financial truths for groups that do not have the income streams of the bigger markets.

Given, the Rays has actually discovered a design that has actually enjoyed constant success, however they are the exception. For every single Tampa, Cleveland and Oakland, who have actually efficiently recognized and established house grown skill, and made subtle offers to fill their spaces, there is a Pittsburgh and Miami. Those groups are no closer to importance than they were 3 years earlier.

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And After That there are groups like the Dodgers, for instance, who have actually integrated their endless pockets with quality hunting and gamer advancement. That was a direct reflection of poaching Andrew Friedman, previous Rays executive, who brought that impact with him to L.A.

Now here the Reds are, penny-pinching owner in tow, providing every Tom, Cock and Harry up for sell the offseason. GM Nick Krall, main Guinea pig of Bob Castelleini, called it “aligning our payroll.” Translation: It’s not about winning, it has to do with our cash.

As I have actually kept in mind often times given that this pandemic started, COVID-19 provided owners an integrated reason to be low-cost, due to the fact that of the income declared to be lost in 2020. Simply just how much stays a point of speculation, as those numbers are never ever revealed.

Possibly the Reds are broke. If that holds true, then Castellini requires to offer it to somebody who is not.

What we understand is that baseball has an issue. It has constantly had an issue. The range in between the haves and have nots simply keeps growing.

And the nickel-rubbing Reds are rapidly ending up being a have not.


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