Rebel Wilson photo sparks concern among followers

Rebel Wilson says she's almost at weight loss goal
The “Pitch Perfect” star published a production still on her validated Instagram account which demonstrates how much weight she has actually lost, composing in the caption, “Hey babe, you got this x I know it’s hard right now, I know you’re trying to deal with stuff – but let’s keep getting up every day and CRUSH IT – work out, hydrate, fuel your body with quality food …show your brilliant brain and your big heart.”

“Remember the vision,” she concluded. “Love you.”

A few of her popular pals consisting of Paris Hilton used their assistance in the remarks as did a number of Wilson’s lesser-known fans.

Rebel Wilson, Lizzo and Adele's personal fitness is just that. Personal.

A couple of asked if the starlet was doing OKAY and one kept in mind that “people forget famous people have normal people struggles too.”

Wilson seems succeeding, nevertheless, as the next picture she published was her obviously on the set of Netflix’s “Senior Year” which has actually been recording in Atlanta.

“#HotGirlSummer #Hotlanta who’s with me?,” the caption keeps reading an image of Wilson using tones and holding what appears like a tropical beverage in a pineapple.

Jobber Wiki author Frank Long contributed to this report.