Read this: How Square Enix remade FF7’s Honeybee Inn scene

Square Enix released an interview with Last Dream 7 Remake Intergrade co-director Motomu Toriyama on Wednesday, detailing among the franchise’s most popular scenes — the one in Wall Market. In the interview, Toriyama goes over the procedure that entered into the scene — and it’s an excellent read.

In the initial scene in Last Dream 7, Cloud needs to place on a gown and pretend to be a lady to enter Don Corneo’s estate and help Tifa. As Polygon customer Carolyn Petit composed of the remake, “the original game suggested that Cloud’s need to dress as a woman was something to be discussed in shameful whispers,” keeping in mind that the “way it mocked the ‘manly’ men at the local gym for possessing a feminine wig that Cloud must win doesn’t age very well.”

For Last Dream 7 Remake Intergrade, Square Enix altered the scene to consist of an extravagant dance number that ended up with an intricate, attractive remodeling for Cloud — a scene that got rid of any unfavorable undertone associated with Cloud’s cross-dressing.

“An out of touch joke is turned into a sincere and fun moment of growth and expression in the remake, which is quite a tonal shift from the original game,” Petit composed. “A tremendously welcome one.”

In Wednesday’s interview, Toriyama talked to why Square Enix chose to alter the scene, and went thorough on the style procedure. Here are some excerpts:

It’s a really various technique to the initial video game. Why did you make that choice?

Offered how popular the cross-dressing remained in the initial LAST DREAM VII, we knew that individuals would have high expectations for the remake. We understood we needed to do it in such a way that both measured up to those expectations, however took modern-day perceptiveness into factor to consider.

For instance, fans nowadays anticipate stories and discussion in video games to surpass stereotyped representations of gender. Through Andrea’s lines and the lyrics of the support track, Stand, we attempted to integrate in a favorable and encouraging message for Cloud throughout his cross-dressing scene.

So how did you start with in fact making the Honeybee Inn reveal?

Initially, we chose the total structure of the scene, including the opening program, the 3 phases of the dance-off, and lastly the ending scene. Along with this, we turned up with a basic summary for each part and how long they would last.

After this, we began work on the music. As soon as that was done, we started work on the visuals and more particular information. Lastly, we started work on the choreography. We gave the choreography team a general overview of what we were looking for, and the dance show started to take shape from there.

The entire scene took a long time, from the preliminary concept, to making up the music, taking the movement capture, and changing the music and movements to mesh. I was exceptionally worried till it lastly all came together!

You can check out the complete interview at Square Enix’s site.

Jobber Wiki author Frank Long contributed to this report.