Rachel Maddow Explains Trump’s Russia Collusion Crime

Rachel Maddow put the pieces together and demonstrated how Trump dedicated criminal collusion with Russia throughout the 2016 election.


Maddow stated:

We now understand the Trump project privately provided their own information to Russian intelligence in the middle of that attack, which once again probably assisted what the Russians were doing. As “The New York Times” puts it in their brand-new story on this that simply published tonight, “The revelation, made public in a Treasury Department document announcing new sanctions against Russia, established for the first time that there was a direct pipeline from the Trump campaign to Russian spies at a time when the Kremlin was engaged in a covert effort to sabotage the 2016 presidential election. Having the polling data would have allowed Russia to better understand the Trump campaign strategy, including where the campaign was focusing resources at a time when the Russian government was carrying out its own efforts to undermine Trump’s opponents.”

What’s the meaning of collusion once again? Not simply passively gaining from someone else’s criminal offense, however actively assisting them dedicate it? Is that what we call collusion? Inform me more about how the entire Russia thing is a scam.

Trump invested years rejecting the collusion due to the fact that while there is no such criminal offense as collusion, it is a criminal offense for any private to accept help from a foreign federal government in an election project. Trump, Jared Kushner, and the whole group that was in on the collusion with Russia dedicated a criminal offense. They escaped with it throughout the Trump administration due to the fact that Trump’s DOJ squeezed and limited the Mueller examination, and there was no cigarette smoking weapon link to Trump/Russia collusion, however there is now.

Rachel Maddow demonstrated how the criminal offense worked, and it is evidence that Trump and his project must deal with criminal charges.

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Jobber Wiki author Frank Long contributed to this report.