Rachel Maddow Applauds Biden For Working Quickly To Undo Trump’s Damage

Rachel Maddow praised the Biden administration on Thursday for “not messing around” as it rapidly transfers to tidy up the mess that Donald Trump left.

The MSNBC host stated the brand-new White Home is skilled, appears to understand what it’s doing, and isn’t losing a minute in bringing normalcy back to the executive branch of the federal government.

“We have press briefings again, and they’re sane,” Maddow stated. “The new folks appear to know what they are doing. They also appear to be not messing around.”


Maddow stated:

The White Home Spanish-language site has actually been returned up and the cosmetic surgeon general is being changed. And they stopped constructing the wall on the border. And they put a moratorium on deportations, and they rejoined the W.H.O. And they rejoined the Paris environment accord. And we have press instructions once again. And they’re sane. The changeover is genuine. The brand-new folks appear to understand what they are doing. They likewise seem not playing around. Which’s part of what we are seeing and significantly getting used to on this very first, complete, brand-new day.

Biden and his group are moving at warp speed

In spite of the previous administration declining to comply with them throughout the shift, the Biden group seems running like a well-oiled device.

In less than 2 days, Biden has actually taken significant actions on whatever from the pandemic to environment modification to migration.

On Thursday, his very first complete day in workplace, Biden launched a 200-page nationwide COVID technique and made it clear that medical professionals like Dr. Anthony Fauci – not Fox News analysts – will be recommending him.

There will certainly be problems for the brand-new White Home in the days and months ahead. After all, America remains in the middle of several crises, and administrations make stumbles and struck speed bumps even in the very best of times.

However less than 2 days in, Joe Biden and his group plainly aren’t playing around. They are moving rapidly to reverse the damage of the Trump years.

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Jobber Wiki author Frank Long contributed to this report.